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As the Page Turns would like to take a moment to reflect on all of the changes that took place during 2015.

When our rent went up to $5,200/month at the University Square location, we knew that it was time to either move or close our doors. Thankfully, we found a space in Travelers Rest and so we started packing and preparing to move at the end of April. Have you ever thought about moving 8,000 sq ft of books and cabinets? Most of us live in 1,500-2,500 sq ft houses! Oh boy! Our wonderful crew of sales associates, book addicts, or as we should perhaps refer to ourselves: crazy people, jumped right in. We even had some amazing volunteers jump right in as well. In no particular order, thank you to: Laurel, Lindsey, Leah, Sheri, Cheryl, Amanda, Susan, Dot, Deborah, Patrick, Joe, Maya, Tiffani, Sharon, Amy, Georgette, Scott, Roger, Renae, Rhonda, Teddy, Rebecca, Anne, Lynn, Bum, Joyce, Susan, Nancy, Britanie, Mandy, Rita, Teresa, Amy, Tyler, Roger, Michael, Nicholas, Barry, and Mary (aka Mary Ann).

I’m sure there are many more whose name I have not mentioned, but I wanted to name as many as I could recall.

The slat wall was taken down, brought over and rehung. We’ve had roof leaks and air conditioner issues, bathrooms overflow and other unnatural disasters. We’ve unshelved and reshelved to stay out of the way of water as books and water don’t mix too well. It took all of June before we were completely out of University Square. Through it all we so appreciate the patience of our wonderful customers. Understandably, we weren’t always able to find books, but if time allowed, we tried our best to get them.

As you know, Columbia had some bad flooding. Through the efforts of a teacher at Robert E. Cashion Elementary, we were able to provide books to help restock an elementary school library. Many donations came in and we supplemented from inventory until we were able to provide around $800 worth of hardback books.

Among our As the Page Turns family, 2015 brought a lot of change as well. Evidently the store move kicked off personal moves for Amy, Lindsey, and Lisa. We apparently couldn’t get enough of it! We’re in new houses that we love!!

Our Lindsey earned her Master’s degree, Leah went off to Clemson, and we gained some new employees to our family: Cheryl, Amanda, and Sheri.

As we look ahead to 2016, we’ve been told we’ll get a new roof. I imagine that will lead to some more reshelving as well but it is nice to hope for an end to that particular problem. Bookstores remain in a constant state of change. We get new books, sell books, get new shelves…and we never know what treasures someone will bring in!

We’ve been unhappy with customer support at Visual Anthology for some time. We plan to upgrade to a web based book software which may cause a few delays during our transition but will be much better in the long run.

Bradford North Book Club is meeting at As the Page Turns once a month. If any other book club would like to take a break from cleaning house and would like to meet surrounded by books, we can work it out!!! Although we close at 6pm, we are not averse to meeting at night. We can combine book club meetings with Thirty-One parties!! The new Spring Summer catalog is out now!

As always, thank you to our fabulous customers and we look forward to another exciting, book-filled year!!



 We are Greenville, South Carolina's biggest independent bookstore. Located in Travelers Rest between George Coleman Ford and Bank of Travelers Rest, just past beautiful Furman University. Our inventory includes new books, bestsellers, used books, books by regional authors, favorite book club titles, books on school reading lists, and lots of teacher materials. We have a generous trade-in policy, offer discounts on new books, and are happy to special order any book you may need. We take cash, checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

At As the Page Turns, you get:

Credit for every book you buy!
Credit for every book you trade in!
Automatic membership in the ATPT Frequent Buyer's Club with your first purchase!
A 20% discount on any newly released book!
Free, convenient, front-of-store parking!
Friendly, personalized service! 
A terrific selections of books, cards, and gifts! 




We frequently have multiple used copies of popular titles. Come in and browse, choose a title, and we'll hold copies for your book club members. 
A space in our store is also available for book club meetings. To learn more please call us at 864-834-8100 or stop by and speak with an associate.


NOTE: We have thousands of books new to our inventory due to the recent closing of several independent bookstores. Come in and choose from fiction, mystery, romance (historical, paranormal, and contemporary), Southern, inspirational, biography, horror, war, western, young adult, and much more!

 Thank you for visiting As the Page Turns online. Give us a call if you're looking for a particular title, or if you would like us to order a book for you. Come visit us in person when you have a chance!






As the Page Turns is now carrying Thirty-One Gifts! Come check out the handy-dandy purses and totes. They are great for organization and can be personalized as well!